Friday, July 02, 2004

hi!!! oooh! today i went to foothill.. like i do every day... and i got there like 30 minutes early so i was just waiting around w/ one of the guys.. and it was fun.. hahah i fixed a baby carriage thing! yay! oooh ok then i went to visit vic at id!!! yayayyyayay!! it was so fun!! hahah and right when my mommy dropped me off i called vic on her cell and she answered and i was like guess where i am.. and shes like where.. and then i was like i'm right across the street from you!! and i started waving like hell and she was like omg!! and she hung up and i crossed the street (cuz shes not allowed to cuz of camp.. hahahah) and we hugged!! hahah it was so touching... and then i saw my fav ppl there (well other than vic..), melon and dorkus!! and i saw some other ppl i knew from last year.. and the years before but i didnt get to see ryan! well.. thats ok... vic says he looks exactly the same.. hahah ooh hahah there was this guy in melon's group and he was asked me if i was in high school and i was like well... in the fall yeah.. and he was like what high school? and i said homestead and he asked vic the same question and he asked what grade we were going into and we said 9th.. and he was like woah.. you guys look older.. and i stared at him for like a minute and he got really freaked out.. hahahah well it was funny then! and omg! id has like no girls!!! and i kept on saying that and i was sooo annoyed.. and still am! there should be more girls at computer camp!!! hahah yeah! yay! ok.. hahah i'm gonna go... bye!!!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

ooooh i called vic today cuz shes at iD!! hahaha and i called her at like 12:30.. and then i went to the roach coach.. but it shouldnt be called that cuz the foods good! and then i came back and ate.. and then i called her again at like 1! and i talked to ryan!!! yay!! and i wanna see him tomorrow.. but i dont know if i can.. hmmm well then i called her again at like 3 cuz i was having a break from moving junk around to make more room for more junk in the theater... hahah but i forgot that she had class then.. hahah so the phone rang.. and rang.. and then she answered and she was like whispering 'cassie! i'm in class!' and i was like ooooh hahah i'm sorry!! cuz i totally forgot... so yeah.. that was bad.. but i get to see her tomorrow!! yay!! gooood night! oooooh! and yesterday!! hahah was fun!! hahah
woah.. its been soooooo sooo long since i've used my blog... hahah but i'm back! cuz its summer! and ooooh today! i painted this rolling thingy brown and then this star thing red, white, and blue... hahah and you're probably thinking why the hell are you doing this... its cuz i'm helping w/ the set for ragtime! at foothill!! yay! and i might be in crew! i really hope i will be cuz thats like the best part! oooh and there was gonna be a monkey in ragtime.. like a real monkey.. but it cost too much money.. hahah that wouldve been so cool to be like in charge of the monkey and feed it bananas!! hahah oooh! and one of my friends there.. her friend's friend was once painting something for a set for something white.. and when she was finished she came out and she was alllll white like from head to toe.. hahah that would be sooo fun.. but then the paint would dry.. and it would be so darn hard to get off... hahah oooh! i went shopping today! and i got this really really nice jacket that i loooove! hahah and i got some other stuff.. but yeah i like that the best! damn... i have to get up sooo early tomorrow... at like 8... aaaaah ooooh! today's my mommy's birthday!!! happy birthday!! oooh and in 4 days is bianca's mom's birthday!! hahah happy birthday!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

whoa.. i havent posted anything in a really long time... its cinco de mayo today! yay!! annd... only 17 more days!! wooohoooo!! but its so sad too!! oooh catalina in one.. two... three.. four.. days!! right? hahah i wont count today so.. four.. haha i was right! ooh and on sunday i'm going to santa cruz!! woohooo! and i'm gonna get some jewelry for graduation... (not at santa cruz but on saturday or sunday..) ooh and i'm gonna go to urban outfitters on sunday too! woohooo i love their clothes! and that they have room stuff too.. ooh! and i cleaned my room! yay! bye!!

Monday, April 12, 2004

hahah moood swings, i just thought i lost my blog (and yes i am going to sleep soooon) but yeah, i thought i lost it.. ok the story: i had another window open on mozilla and then i was closing all of them (cuz i was going to sleep... yawn) but then i wanted to put in another post (on this blog.. cuz i deleted my other one) so i did that (and it said mr. bippy is so damn cool, cuz he is!!) and then i previewed it on my blog or something and i was like WHAT THE HELL!?!? this is the wrong blog! and i was like the devil is some where around here stalking me.. or something cuz my blog was like coming back from the dead.. hahah.. but then.. i signed off and then i signed back on and my lucky FREE TO BE blog is back! woohooo!! and goodnight that last time!! bye!!
i love my blog. ya know why? because i was having a jackassy time w/ my other blog, anything your heart desires, which i deleted..., why, you ask? cuz i was trying to change my template but the stupid thing wouldnt let me and then when i did it just ignored it.. so yeah, i just made a new one! wooohooo!! and now i have to go to bed cuz i have to get up at like 7:30.. early!! hahah well for me.... goodnight!
two of the best songs ever... i think.

Ghost of a Good Thing by Dashboard Confessional

I guess it's luck, but it's the same hard luck
You've been trying to tame
Maybe it's love but it's like you said...
Love is like a role that we play
But I believe in you so much
I could die for the words that you say

But you're chasing the ghost of a good thing
Haunting yourself,
As the real thing is getting away from you again
while you're chasing ghosts

Just bend the pieces 'till they fit
Like they were made for it
But they weren't made for this
No, they weren't made for this


Carry This Picture by Dashboard

Carry this picture for luck, kept in a locket
Tucked in your collar, close to your chest
Make it a secret, shown to the closest friends
And meet me at quarter to seven
The sun will still shine then at this time of year
We'll head to the inlet, and we'll share a bottle there

And color the coast with your smile
It's the most genuine thing I've ever seen
I was so lost, but now, I believe

And follow me south of the big docks
Where they tether the boats
The rich men revere as so important
The hire our fathers to steer
And down to the edge of the water
Where we'll spill our guts
And we'll name our fears, I'll give you this picture
Keep it and don't be scared

And color the coast with your smile
It's the most genuine thing I've ever seen
I was lost, but now, I believe in the coast
Your smile is the most genuine thing I've ever seen
I was lost, but now, I believe

and he does not sound like a girl!

hi, i'm just testing this...
anything your heart desires...

free to be.


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